About TERlife terrace

TERlife - RedDot Design Award 2016 - winner

Terrace system TERlife was developed by Marek Pavlik - the designer from company z11 in reaction to weaknesses of traditional terraces. Those are difficult and expensive to be installed and dismantled, demand terrain changes and digging foundations. Moreover, traditional terrace allow only one way use as hard surface area.

Terrace TERlife is delivered to your house as a jigsaw. Your task will only be to assemble self-supporting frame into high-adjustable foots. Actual modules of the terrace are already prepared. Included in the packaging of the TERlife terrace are special keys for adjusting the foots and all connecting material. You will only need a hammer, spirit level and a cordless drill with standard bits.


Modules can be easily changed during the day or a year, so you don’t need to have a sand pit on the patio all year round. You can “play” with the modules during the design of your terrace as well as after its installation by your house.


A module can be wooden flooring from Siberian larch or stainless steel tray in which you can plant herbs and flowers or you can fill it with sand and use of it as a sandbox for kids.


Everyone can handle assembly of the TERlife terrace. Thanks to corner high-adjustable foots, no complicated earthworks are required. Frame 2x2 meters is simply supported in corners, for which ground screw or concrete are enough.


Terlife terrace montage

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